CPG and Retail

Drive Business Value

Consumer Goods companies and Retailers are constantly looking for ways to optimize their supply chains, understand their customers better, and drive business value. There are a number of challenges that occur between the supplier teams, the retail replenishment teams and the retail store. What are required are new business processes and solutions that enable the consumer goods and retail companies to capture the data on their assets and integrate them into the business environment.

CPG and Retail Industry Challenges
  • Optimize Supply Chain
  • Get better consumer insights
  • Improve promotional effectiveness
  • Improve store replenishment operations
  • Reduce Inventory and Control Costs
  • Manage Intense Competition
Mayosys Can Help

Mayosys technologies and solutions can be used by CPG and Retailers to enhance their operations, gain better consumer insight, and drive business value. CPG companies and Retailers can use our RFID asset management and mobility solutions to understand and manage the assets movement across their operations unit, improve shelf availability, and store replenishments.

Mayosys RFID Solutions can be used to develop electronic proof of delivery, automated shipping, promotional display tracking, and real time promotional execution to optimize their promotional activities and increase top line results.

The greatest benefits from Mayosys RFID Asset Management and Mobility solutions are realized when they are integrated into the retailer management systems. Inventory control, scheduling, procurement, and other enterprise-wide functions can be streamlined when automated identification and tracking systems provide real-time visibility into the CPG and Retail operations.

Our Professional Services Group can work with you to create a solution that can help make your staff more productive without exceeding your budget.