Enhance Public Services and Control Costs

Understanding their Public pressure for improved access to government services coupled with the need to protect confidentiality is compelling government agencies to turn to innovative solutions. Fiscally-responsible decision makers look for technology solutions that enhance services while keep costs under control.

Government Challenges
  • Homeland Security
  • Disaster Planning Initiatives
  • Fiscal pressures amid budget cuts
  • FISMA mandates
  • Enhance Public Safety
Mayosys Can Help

Mayosys technologies and solutions can be used by many government agencies to enhance public services and cut costs. Law enforcement officials can use wireless handheld devices equipped with mobile printers to issue traffic citations and label evidence at crime scenes. Motor vehicle agencies can streamline efficiencies and reduce customer wait times by using RFID tag asset management solution for driver’s licenses, registrations, titles and other documents.

Mayosys RFID Asset management solutions can be used in warehousing and logistics operations, in applications ranging from Department of Defense (DoD) materials handling, to Social Security Administration fulfillment centers, to Department of Agriculture livestock tracking.

Local government agencies that use RFID systems and wireless solutions can improve staff productivity while increasing cash flow, and improving their ability to track payments, citations, and documents. These technologies can elevate the level of service and enhance public safety—while reducing overall costs.

Our Professional Services Group can work with you to create a solution that can help make your staff more productive without exceeding your budget.