Offshore Development

Managed Offfshore Development Center (mODC)

Mayosys's mODC model is a step forward in bringing the next generation ODCs to the forefront.

The benefits of an ODCs has been long realized and many organizations have leveraged its potential to a large extent - but not without biting some of the bitter pills - lower than expected productivity, quality concerns and the time zone related issues.

An ODC should be cost effective, efficient and productive. A ‘good’ ODC can bring in amazing results for your business - and it would be best if its daily operations are monitoried and managed locally at offshore.

Mayosys’s 'managed' ODC services provides you excactly this.

Our mODC offering comes to you with integrated project management, technical mentoring and first level QA along with the core development resources. This ensures...

  • The current environment is reviewed and the problem definition and objectives are outlined.
  • A proof of concept is also developed in this stage as required by the customer.
Planning & Design

This phase involves the following key activities:

  • Quality throughput - on time
  • Lesser lag times due to tech issues
  • better resource utilization
  • freedom from micro management for you

We can provide you with teams that comprise of beginner to expert level resources in Java as well as C++.

Choose the solution that works best for you. Need more info? Talk to us or leave a message at 408.821.6558 and we will get back to you.

Extended Development Team

You may have your in-house development team and want to complement it for a specific time frame. The extended development team model works wells for such needs.

We will work with you as your extended development team at offshore. Depending on the situation, you can engage us develop a complete system, a certain module or work with your team jointly on a specific module.

We integrate seamlessly with your team in such cases. Single point of contact, local project management, local technical mentor (for complex projects) make it very easy for you in-house team to work with offshore in spite of the time zone differences. Secure code store (SVN), dedicated VPN connectivity and multiple redundant communication lines adds to the reliability, productivity and efficiently of this model.

Full life cycle engagement model:

'We begin at the beginning and go on till the end is reached'. In this model, we work with your team for the complete life cycle starting from high level business objectives, studying current systems and processes and then working with your team in optimizing them. A standards based requirements documents is generated at a granularity that is appropriate to the situation.

A solution approach and technical architecture is finalized, taking into account the reuse factor of all your existing software assets. An interactive requirements validation exercise is undertaken before finalizing the requirements.

Based on the size of the project, the software development cycle is either completed in one iteration or divided into multiple iterations so that you can use the system as it grows.

Quality Assurance tasks run parallel throughout the life cycle of the project to ensure high levels of quality. The cycle completes with the training, documentation and code handover and the support cycle begins at this stage.

This model works best when you are looking at outsourcing your new IT initiative or enhancing your existing information framework.