Health Care

Improve your Operations and Manage your Costs

Managing healthcare today is truly a balancing act involving competing priorities, such as patient care, cost control, regulatory compliance, and staff satisfaction. You’re under pressure from consumers, healthcare workers, attorneys, insurance companies, and regulators—and somehow, you’ve got to satisfy them all while maintaining your integrity. You must run your operations efficiently and contain costs. What can you do to improve patient care while controlling your costs and complying with government regulations?

Healthcare Industry Challenges
  • Reducing medical and billing errors
  • Accurate patient and medication records
  • Managing assets real time
  • HIPAA and Other Regulatory Compliance
  • Shortage of medical personnel
  • Simplify administration
Mayosys Can Help

Mayosys’s RFID asset management and mobility solutions can be used to track expensive assets, medical records, devices, and even patients as they move through different units of the facility. Mobile technologies make information such as test results, medication schedules, and equipment location accessible to caregivers wherever they are.

The greatest benefits from Mayosys RFID Asset Management and Mobility solutions are realized when they are integrated into hospital-wide management systems. Inventory control, scheduling, procurement, and other enterprise-wide functions can be streamlined when automated identification and tracking systems provide real-time visibility into healthcare operations.

Well designed and integrated healthcare specific products and solutions from Mayosys can simplify administration, save time, and reduce errors thus allowing your staff to focus on patient care and support.

Our Professional Services Group can work with you to create a solution that can help make your staff more productive without exceeding your budget.