Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software

From business intelligence to CRM, from scheduling and e-procurement to database management and data governance, there is no shortage of enterprise applications available to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Choosing can be difficult, however: Do you go open source? Software-as-a-service, or on premise and in-house deployment?

Key Software Components

Our Enterprise Software products can accommodate most commonly sought features across:

  • Accounting, HR, and Financial Management
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Business Planning
  • Order and Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industry Specific Processes
  • IT Service Management
Value Proposition Mayosys offers a compelling value proposition for you:
  • We facilitate and help identify the exact software components that suit your business needs.
  • Our product management and developer team will help build ground up the selected enterprise software application to your requirements and specifications.
  • Finally we recommend the optimal delivery mechanism for your application and deploy it with industry proven methodologies and toolsets.


Control costs

Mayosys has a highly-experienced Enterprise Software solutions team that includes developers, software and middleware architects, strategy consultants, and process and implementation specialists. Whether you’re running off-the-shelf packages, customized modules, or legacy applications, we use the latest technologies to match the trends, proven toolsets and methodologies to help assure successful design, build, implementation, upgrade, management, and support.

Maximize your ROI

Through our strategic consultative process, we work with you to identify and build only the key software components that you’ll need to run your business efficiently. As a result your investment is limited and focused on processes that will deliver results that you care about most – immediately.

Emerging Technologies

We stay ahead of the curve, and follow the latest trends in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, On-Demand, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS technologies. Each software component we build and deliver will take into account the up to date technologies and accommodate the features you command.


We understand that with growth, your software applications needs to scale to accommodate increasing transactions, new features, and design changes to stay ahead of your competition. Our team takes special care to address these areas during the design process, as we build and deploy your software component.


Every software build needs to accommodate integration with in house custom applications as well as leading enterprise software vendor applications of the likes of Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, etc. Our design accommodates easy integration of the software component with applications running on your current platform.