Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions

Today, the workforce is increasingly mobile. Mobile employees want to be reachable, they want access to experts in real-time, they want access to information and applications on a device of their choice, and they want it to be easy – just like it is in the office.

The Mayosys vision for enterprise mobility is to enable work to be conducted anytime, anywhere and on any device. In effect, it is about taking your office anywhere, which is more than using mobile phones and wireless laptop PCs.

The Mayosys Value Proposition
  • Our mobility solutions are developed keeping your needs in mind. That means we work with you to understand your requirements, the required migration scenarios and implement the optimal solution to meet your business needs.
  • We understand the technologies migrating client-server applications to the mobile platform and deliver an integrated suite of business applications to your mobile device of choice.
  • Each deployment is carefully planned and delivered with industry proven methodologies and toolsets.


Improve Insight

Mayosys’s Mobility solutions improve productivity and efficiency of your business through access to important applications and resources. By accessing the applications anytime, anywhere you are now able to respond faster to your customers.

Drive Collaboration

With Mayosys’s state of the art Mobility solutions, you can collaborate with your partners, vendors, and customers more effectively. You can reach your resources faster and on time.

Deliver Customer Excellence

Attending to the customers at the point of service is critical component of delivering customer excellence. With Mayosys’s Mobility solutions, you can now enter data directly at the point of service and drive customer excellence.

Improve Visibility to Assets

Mayosys Mobility solutions improves your visibility to valuable enterprise assets location and take the appropriate action for your business.


We understand that with growth, your Mobility solution must evolve to accommodate multiple devices, locations, and features. Our team takes special care to address these areas during the design process, and our solutions are highly configurable to meet your needs.