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Enterprise Software

From business intelligence to CRM, from scheduling and e-procurement to database management and data governance, there is no shortage of enterprise applications available to help businesses make their processes more efficient. Choosing can be difficult, however: Do you go open source? Software-as-a-service, or on premise and in-house deployment?

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RFID Asset Management

You're responsible for monitoring and maintaining an inventory of all assets including personnel, capital equipment, such as machinery, furniture, computers or industrial equipment. While barcodes and GPS mechanisms provide a great improvement over manual tracking, Mayosys’s state of the art RFID Asset Management solution will reduce the amount of time you spend identifying, locating, tracking the assets.

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Mobility Solutions

Today, the workforce is increasingly mobile. Mobile employees want to be reachable, they want access to experts in real-time, they want access to information and applications on a device of their choice, and they want it to be easy – just like it is in the office.

The Mayosys vision for enterprise mobility is to enable work to be conducted anytime, anywhere and on any device. In effect, it is about taking your office anywhere, which is more than using mobile phones and wireless laptop PCs.

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Networking Solutions

Networking solutions today need to enable anytime, anywhere, secure communications throughout the enterprise and across the Internet. Bringing together the core networking functions, including routing, switching, security, WAN optimization and Internet services is key to making this possible.

Element and network management applications (EMS, NMS) today, need to deliver scalable, reliable and highly available management solutions with a rich set of features. The engineering effort to deliver and evolve these solutions is often underestimated, and it is advisable to start with a proven framework and applications that include all the productivity benefits of recent software technology advances.

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