Mayosys believes in delivering scalable and effective solutions. We believe in helping clients derive value from technology investments. Our aim is to help you capitalize on increased opportunities and cost efficiencies. We also help you enhance your communication with customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

Mayosys has always involved itself in constant vertical expansion of solutions. Mayosys has innovatively identified and worked effectively on various verticals. Thus adding on to the wide range of experience in solution delivering area.

Embedded Systems

Mayosys brings core expertise in the development of embedded systems for a variety of applications. Our capabilities include development for LINUX based platforms in storage and wireless/ wired networking state of the art technologies. Comprehensive System Design - hardware, software architectures, product development and productization to meet customer's needs. Designing, architecting, implementing and deploying various features for wireless networks including QOS, VLAN support, Security, Encryption.

Healthcare and Lifesciences Services

Timely and efficient delivery of healthcare can be achieved by involving technology in healthcare services. We at Mayosys are providing cost effective & effective solutions in the area of heathcare with the objective of improving health care delivery across.

Banking, Finance and Insurance Services

Banking, finance and insurance are industries, that are growing and evolving on a constant pace. These industries can attain a wide range of development if merged with technology appropriately. Mayosys provides light, easy-to-use, web-based solutions specifically designed for the financial, brokerage and banking industries.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications having evolved to the point that they now give users a rich and fast user experience. We at Mayosys have realized how important usage of mobile applications is for your business. Mayosys designs and develops mobile applications that integrate mobile workers with the back office systems.