Maintain your competitive edge

Running a manufacturing operation in a global economy is challenging enough. Combine that with sky-rocketing energy costs, complex regulations, and demanding customers, you’re faced with an overwhelming situation.

Manufacturing Challenges
  • Uncontrollable rising costs
  • Government and Industry Regulations
  • Intense Competition
  • Pricing Pressures
  • Time to Market
  • Maintain Highest Product Quality
  • Optimized Demand and Supply Chain
Mayosys Can Help

Demand-driven manufacturing has helped major manufacturers overcome their supply chain limitations, and respond instantaneously to shifts in demand.

Automated RFID Asset Management coupled with wireless computing and communications can transform your manufacturing operation to a demand-driven model, by streamlining production and increasing visibility to your processes and asset inventory.

When RFID data capture and asset management solution are integrated into your operations and production processes, you can automatically monitor the assembly line and machine operations unit. For example, when an error or missing component is detected, the right person can be alerted, resulting in reduced downtime and streamlined production.

Wireless technology and Mobility Solutions also reduce the idle operator time by signaling materials handlers when line-side inventory is near depletion.

A well designed solution from Mayosys can help you gain control over your manufacturing processes, so that equipment malfunctions and other unforeseeable problems can be addressed before they adversely impact operations and schedules.

Our Professional Services group can work with you to create a solution that can help make your staff more productive without exceeding your budget.