Mayosys’s proven disciplined methodology enables you to implement enterprise software and technology solutions quickly, and achieve rapid measurable success. We make every project phase fully transparent and provide complete cost and schedule control.

Key Steps:

The Mayosys PS delivery framework involves the following key steps:

  • The current environment is reviewed and the problem definition and objectives are outlined.
  • A proof of concept is also developed in this stage as required by the customer.
Planning & Design

This phase involves the following key activities:

  • Project Definition
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Architecture
  • Overall Integration Strategy

During this phase the Mayosys team completes the Application Development. Testing & QA, SOA Development are sequenced, and the product rollout is scheduled.

Experienced domain experts and project managers follow through each step of the implementation cycle described above to make the implementation a success.


Mayosys PS Delivery Methodology helps companies like yours:

  • Benefit from all the capabilities of your new software from day one
  • Control implementation costs and schedules during every phase
  • Reduce complexity and save time and money
  • Get a faster return on your investment